One of the main activities of My English Club is SPEAKING SESSIONS. In the speaking sessions, our aim is to improve the English communication skills of our members.

The sessions are managed by experienced teachers who are native English speakers. We aspire to provide a cozy environment for our members.

We provide an atmosphere in which members of the same language level learn with interactive activities such as games, excursions and mutual conversations.

Each session lasts for two full hours. Even in the coffee-tea break, we continue to speak English. Each group consists of up to 4 people. Each member has a specific group. The group comes together with the same people on specific days and hours of the week and follows the special curriculum prepared for the semester.

In other words, the members follow special programs focusing on different topics in each session. Each session is a tutorial, is fun and interactive.

Speaking exercises are prioritized unless otherwise requested. Grammar and vocabulary exercises are included in speaking exercises.

There is always a curriculum that is followed, even if one is not aware during the speaking exercises. This curriculum is specific to My English Club and is based on the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) standards.