Hi, I am Dilek Yılmaz. I am the founder of MEC Education Consultancy Inc.

When a foreign language becomes a part of lives, it becomes easier to learn. Accelerated language courses can speed us up for a while and increase our knowledge. However, we have to have other options since we cannot spend our lives in language courses and manage this situation economically in the long term.

Many English teaching methods that focus on grammar, have made almost everyone who wants to learn English into individuals who can understand what they are reading, or who can write but unfortunately cannot speak.

We know there are numerous methods and tools related to English learning through the media, the Internet and our experiences. What I add is this: We must take English into our lives for effective and permanent learning. We must live in English.

We should have fun and learn while listening, speaking, reading and writing. Learning efforts that have no pleasure can create over-exhaustion. However, we can learn easily and quickly, if we take English into our lives and are forced to practice what we have learned on a regular basis.

How? My English Club offers you this opportunity.

It is very clear that the ideal is to learn a language in the place where it is spoken. Nevertheless, we are in Istanbul and our lives are here.

My English Club is inspired from this. Imagine a club in Istanbul. You become a member. You enter the club and you are obliged to communicate in English. If you prefer, you can use sign language, but Turkish is not allowed.  Here it is as if you are in a club in London or New York.

My English Club is not an ordinary English language course. My English Club is not an ordinary club.

My English Club is a club that teaches you English by entertaining you and making you feel as if you are abroad. No compulsory lessons, no tedious homework. Instead, we offer you fun, games, eating and drinking, workshops, social and cultural excursions, and interactive activities.

Are you one of those who say, “I can’t figure out this English thing?”

“I understand what I read, but I can’t speak?”

Or, “I’m going to make a fresh start and learn English.”

Do you say, “My child has to learn English, not me”?

Or, “I need to learn Business English for my career.”

Become a member of My English Club, let us listen to you, and offer you a special program according to your needs and desires. Let English into your lives.

Your teachers will be your friends. You will work together with native English speaking teachers. You will learn with professional methods without noticing.

Are you ready to learn English by having fun, playing, laughing, and making mistakes? Then you should attend our speaking sessions.

If you say, “I want to be with my children and do something for my personal development at the same time” become a member. Feel good and have a good time.

How about meeting foreigners and making friends in Istanbul? How about going on excursions with them?

If yes, “My English Club” invites you to join.

Best wishes,

Dilek Yılmaz