What is My English Club?

My English Club is neither an ordinary English language course nor an ordinary club.

My English Club is an organization that works with a membership system and provides English language education and counseling services. Every member is different and unique.

Come and join us!
What is our difference?

Most grammar-based English teaching methods make almost everyone capable of reading and even writing, but unfortunately not of speaking English.


When one does not take pleasure in learning, one gets tired and runs around in circles. However, the way to learn faster and easier is to be obliged to speak English and to make it a part of our everyday lives.

My English Club offers its members listening-speaking and reading-writing practices in an entertaining environment. Our objective is to teach English with fun and to create environments in which speaking English becomes an everyday activity.

 As one enters the door of My English Club, life is English. The aim here is to make our members communicate in English. Though it may seem scary at first, this is a very important experience for a non-English speaking member.


Our members are specially cared for in order to make them feel comfortable in the club.

What is our aim?
How will it happen?

My English Club teaches English to its members. For effective and permanent learning, listening-speaking and reading-writing exercises are offered to our members in an invigorating environment. The aim is to teach English with fun and to create environments that make English an everyday activity. We aim to make our members see English not as a lesson but as a means of communication.


My English Club offers a special program for each member. By way of one-to-one interviews, we make a completely personalized plan by taking the member’s goals, ways of learning, preferences, level of knowledge and available time into consideration.

Speaking sessions, workshops, excursions, group and/or one-to-one sessions support the member in learning and speaking English.

​Tel :  +90 543 938 18 55
         +90 216 504 35 68
Barbaros Mahallesi, Sarkaç Sokak No:1 
Ağaoğlu My Prestige
Kat: 16 Daire:133
Batı Ataşehir-İstanbul/Türkiye
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My English Club is an organization of MEC Education Consultancy Tourism Inc. which provides English education services to all members.

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