How is the assessment done?

The level of English knowledge is determined by interviewing the members and determining their speaking skills. The methods for the assessment are chosen according to the personality, preferences, goals and needs of the member.

I don’t know English at all, how can I fit in?

Of course you know English: “Hello”. Start with understanding. We are here for you. Never worry. We have a small office where we can speak Turkish.

How is my development evaluated?

My English Club reports and evaluates the level of knowledge acquired by the members through periodic interviews.


Is there any certification?

In principle, no test or certification is done in My English Club. Members are directed to professional and internationally recognized organizations for certification when necessary. The aim is to keep the motivation at the highest level and not to worry about exams. However, this should not be misunderstood. Assessment is definitely not rejected.  We recommend to our members professional institutions that are specialized in assessment and evaluation.

Are there other languages?

Yes. We also teach other languages, especially in German. We have German speaking groups and children groups for playing and talking. Children have the chance to speak and learn with native German speakers.

Apart from that, there are preparatory studies such as German Acquisition Tests for TEOG. All services are provided by MEC Education Consultancy Tourism Inc.

What resources do you follow?

My English Club works according to the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages). There is no resource restriction. Resources are determined according to the member’s preferences and goals. We have no commercial connection with any resources.

Who are the members?

My English Club members are from all ages and knowledge levels; adults, 10-18 years old, young adults and corporate members.

Adults: Anyone of any age who wants to learn and improve his/her English can become our member.

10-18 years old: They can be a member, and log in and out to the club via their parents.

Corporate members: Companies can enter and exit the club if they become our member. They can participate in the events and activities of the club.


Upon request, we offer a special programme for special needs. The members are expected to come to the club for their training. In the case of necessity, we provide on-site training services.

How is the remuneration made?

My English Club prepares a special membership offer according to the goals and desires of each member.